Position Papers

SULNE position papers

The implications of Brexit for environmental law in Scotland – eds. A. Cardesa-Salzmann, University of Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance, and A. Savaresi, University of Stirling

Papers for the Standing Council on Europe, Roundtable 24 October 2016, on ‘Social Protections and Human Rights’

Asylum – Sarah Craig, University of Glasgow

Charter of Fundamental Rights – Nicole Busby, University of Strathclyde

Consumer Rights – Lorna Richardson, University of Edinburgh

Criminal Justice – Maria Fletcher, University of Glasgow, and Leandro Mancano, University of Edinburgh

Data protection (draft) – Lorna Gillies, University of Strathclyde

Employment – Rebecca Zahn, University of Strathclyde

Environment, energy and sustainability – Elisa Morgera, Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance

Equality and discrimination – Muriel Robison, University of Glasgow

Family law/International Private Law – Janeen Carruthers and Elizabeth Crawford, University of Glasgow

Free movement, immigration and political rights – Nina Miller Westoby, University of Glasgow and Jo Shaw, University of Edinburgh

Human Rights – Tobias Lock, University of Edinburgh and Kirsteen Shields, University of Dundee

Overview Tables of Rights Protected in EU law

Overview of Rights protected in EU law and legal sources

‘Brexit’ and Rights in EU Law

Charter of Fundamental Rights and the ECHR