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‘Re-visiting and re-imagining borders after Brexit’ round-table event

On Monday 12 June, the second in a series of round-table events organised by SULNE took place at the University of Glasgow.

Funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the event series investigates the legal consequences of Brexit.  Monday’s event explored the topic of re-visiting existing border arrangements in the light of Brexit.

A significant part of the European project is based on the fundamental idea that internal borders should be porous to allow for freedom of movement, and external borders should be strengthened. Recently this concept has been challenged physically and conceptually. It has always been the case that the UK has engaged only in part in the EU project to soften internal and strengthen external borders, but the UK vote to leave the EU raises new questions about borders.

The workshop examined the concept of the border from a legal, political and historical perspective, addressing questions including the border with Ireland and intra-UK borders.  Topics discussed included freedom of movement of EU migration from a Scottish perspective and implications of Brexit on Irish border matters.

Read the summary paper of the event: Re-visiting and Re-imagining Borders after Brexit – Event Briefing